Losing, who knows?

We all go through these little existential crisis moments that we question our potential, what we do, what we really want to do. Then, majority of us forget everything, go back to our small worlds and continue doing small things with big ambitions. Sometimes ambition comes from our competitive nature regardless of the task, sometimes it is from the love we have for what we do, sometimes we are not really ambitious but our sense of responsibility drives our bare minimum to get things done. Time passes, how about our purpose exploration?

I don’t think anyone is obliged to have or explore a purpose. But the moment I come to realization that I only have this very one life, having spend a considerable portion of it until now, embracing surrender and self-compassion concepts have made me fearless of trying. I am trying and exploring more in a way that I live in order to maximize positives vs. I was more focused on avoiding negatives in my life so far.

I have always thought that people get pessimistic as they mature, but surprisingly I feel the opposite. What I am concluding over years is that there is no such thing as losing. On the contrary, things we lose or our mistakes probably become the biggest gains of our personalities. Closed doors keep us going to such beautiful destinations that we had never imagined before. Things happen, we feel sad, anxious or shitty time to time. But these micro-oscillations should not interfere with our macro projection of life. Bad days are part of good life.


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