How did our lives get more complicated with capitalist ease?

The way we live has been significantly changed. We have access to giant amount information like never before, reaching people is just a click away, follow and get inspired by thought leaders in social platforms, reading is easier with all these audio apps, you can follow bunch of artsy hip accounts to get “cooler”, look like them, dress like them, act like them, pose like them. Or even dating is just a swipe away. Within all these ease, you become addicted to getting your ‘happy chemicals’ from this artificial world, while you are ‘just’ exposed to what you don’t have as a side effect.

On the surface things are getting easier with access, but finding realness has probably never been harder. Real people, real souls, pure energies… I have started thinking that as access to everything gets easier, things have started to get more complicated. With the fact that everything is so accessible (let it be information, inspiration, people etc.) authenticity and effort have fade. As if everyone has their life scripts, -”Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” as nicely said by Oscar Wilde.

The complicated part for me is finding real, authentic effort in almost anything. There is always other options highlighting the opportunity cost. And our brains are conditioned to become subconscious comparison machines that is focused on what we don’t have. We are after what we want vs. what we need. Only when you start working on yourself, try to slow down, simplicity of our needs would become obvious. Yes, our needs are in fact very simple, but realization is not; a reflection of capitalism…

Funny enough I tend to find capitalism criticisms more realistic when it is coming from people like Jamie Dimon or Paul Polman. Being on the other side of equation, still seeing it is not working… But I think it is desperately becoming obvious to most of us nowadays. Annoyingly, we cannot appreciate almost anything in our lives or things we have in the search of what we don’t.


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