How to Build Courage

Recently I have found myself strongly speaking up for the things that I probably would not dare in the past. When I try to reflect, I have realized this was coming from a place of courage and resilience. And I have found out the following steps are key for the foundation of courage.

  1. Getting clear about your core values and principles: when you know your core values, you know your boundaries. And this makes your decision making sharper. You would know what you would/should never do, and defining what you would not do makes you more courageous for the possibilities of what you can. It makes it crystal clear when you should speak up instead of creating an unnecessary drama. From the moment I have defined my core values as — integrity, honesty, justice, and holding myself accountable for my decisions, I know I would give myself the hardest time if I do not stand behind these values, or stay silent when something happens against those.

With all these being said, life is all about learning, unlearning, and relearning. Growth is never linear. I know I will take one step back to take two steps forward. I will do more mistakes until I could take my behaviors to more conscious levels. But I know awareness is the first step of each growth journey, and that is where my journey of courage has started.



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