What does make life interesting?

When I was younger, I was trying to guess what type of life I would have when I grow up. Now, I remember it with a smile or more of a sarcastic laugh that I was struggling to guess what it would look like but I want it to be “different”, “not ordinary”, whatever it means… Maybe it was a millennial thing but I was scared of “ordinary” by that what I had thought was probably mainstream.

There has been times my life converges to ordinary and the other way around, but all in all it turns out to be interesting & unexpected. Different or extraordinary? No idea, and these concepts become irrelevant over time. But I can say interesting that there is no way I could have guessed it would be that way, -not at all! And it is getting more clear that what makes it interesting is not what we own, what we achieve, where we live, or any status; but it is us & the experiences. I don’t label experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, because time proves you wrong with all these labels. But just for the sake of saying, I am grateful for all the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ experiences for making it interesting. The experiences that make you feel alive: excited, fueled, opening up your new senses, sometimes painful and sad, giving you new lenses to look at the same world differently, helping you to get to know yourself better, forming you to find your authentic self. They don’t necessarily need to be big, bold experiences; it can just be a sincere, deep conversation with a friend or a book that changes your perspective. But as beautifully stated by Sheryl Sandberg: “It’s the hard days — the days that challenge you to your very core — that determine who you are. You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but how you survive.”, tough experiences clearly define us more.

Step by step, they bring our reactions into consciousness. And the more we transition from reaction to conscious actions, we can experience more and deeper, even the same things. Looking at the same people but you see different things, reading the same book but you deduce different points. You start seeing yourself change, realizing your strengths, fears, vulnerabilities, limits, helping you to differentiate your egotistical reaction from your true-self. And I think it is probably one of the most satisfactory things that you see yourself change, getting rid of subconscious reactions, finding your true self; as beautiful as watching a baby grows.




Writing is the best form of discovery

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Merve Altinoglu

Merve Altinoglu

Writing is the best form of discovery

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